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a symbol of Shiva

The little rock you see in the picture is a symbol of Shiva. It represents the male sexual organ. You will find this symbol in temples throughout India.

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There are several caves in Gharapuri Island. Ones are better preserved than the others, but all of them are worth visiting. In the interior of this cave you can see another representation of Shiva.


Chowpatty Beach sunset

The place to be at sunset is Chowpatty Beach. Locals come here to drink, eat, chat and listen to music. This is a very good place to meet people of Mumbai.

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Chowpatty Beach

One of the nicest areas to stroll in Mumbai is Chowpatty Marine Drive, in the picture. At the end of the Marine Drive is Chowpatty Beach, where every day late in the afternoon locals go to relax. Do not miss the sunset at Chowpatty Beach!

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Mumbai is a big city, with plenty of Nightlife. Most of the action takes place in the hotels' discos, but there are many other clubs in the city. Ask your hotel for more information. In downtown Mumbai there are many good restaurants, where you can taste the local cuisine. Mumbai is a very safe city, you should not be scared of walking in its streets after dusk. Well my friend this is it, this Virtual Tour came to its end. I hope you enjoyed it. From Mumbai you can travel to Delhi, Goa and Chennai. Ready to book your accommodation now? Visit our Hotels page (or our Hostels page). I welcome you to write to me about your impressions of this tour. To contact me, visit my page

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Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves are on an island called Gharapuri Island, one hour from Mumbai by ferry. The caves are hinduist temples dedicated to the goddess Shiva. In the picture you can see one of the caves on Gharapuri Island. To enter the monument you have to pay for an entrance fee.

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huge metropolis

Mumbai, with more than 17 million inhabitants, is a huge metropolis. The city is polluted, dirty, overcrowded and very busy, but fascinating at the same time. If you are flying to India via its international airport, you may want to spend a couple of days here. If you are not flying to/from Mumbai, you can skip it all together. There are other cities in India much more interesting. But if you come to Mumbai, there are some tourist attractions you should not miss.

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Elephanta Island was named after a statue of an elephant by the Portuguese. There are no elephants in the island. But, as you can see in the picture, there are monkeys.

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move around

In this picture you can see a local market in one of the streets in South Mumbai. To move around Mumbai the best option are the taxis. Locals use the meters, but foreigners should pay a fixed rate. Negotiate the price of the ride with the taxi driver before starting the trip. If you do not know the local prices, ask your hotel for a hint. A good idea is to rent a taxi for a whole day.

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nice park

One of the most famous attractions on Malabar Hills are the Hanging Gardens. Next to them, there is a nice park with bushes cut into the shape of different animals.

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taj mahal

The Taj Mahal Palace Tower in Mumbai is next to the Gateway of India, facing the ocean. It is considered one of the finest hotels in India; someone told me it is one of the two seven stars hotels in the world. The lobby and the restaurants are worth visiting. The best area to stay in Mumbai is South Mumbai, which is the business and tourist center of Mumbai. Accommodation in Mumbai is quite expensive. If you want to stay next to the airport, look for a hotel in the Western Suburbs.

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In Mumbai there are some temples you should not miss, one of them is the Jain Temple in Malabar Hills. Other nice temples in Mumbai are the Mumbadevi Temple, the Mahalaxmi Temple and the Walkeshwar Temple. Visiting a temple is a good option when you get tired of the noisy and busy streets of Mumbai.

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the arch

Mumbai has one of India's biggest and busiest ports. This port has been the gateway to India for centuries. Locals named this arch Gateway of India to remember this fact. Since its construction, in 1911, the arch has been one of the symbols of Mumbai. From here, you can take one of the ferries that go to the Elephanta Caves.

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the scultpures of Shiva

In this picture you can see one of the scultpures of Shiva in a cave in Gharapuri Island. You can buy the ferrry tickets at the Gateway of India. Once on Elephanta Island there is a small train that will take you from the ferry peer to the entrance of the Caves. The train will only save you a short walk. You can skip it. On the steps that lead to the entrance of the Elephanta Caves you will find souvenir stands.

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the three headed goddess Shiva Tromuri

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tourist destination for Indians

Mumbai is mainly a tourist destination for Indians. They come from all over their country to visit the financial and commercial capital of India. Indian tourists are very friendly, and will not miss any opportunity to talk to a foreigner. Many of them will ask you to take pictures with them. In the picture you can see two little local girls who were enjoying their day off at the beach.

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victoria terminus(vt)

Victoria Terminus, VT or Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus, is Mumbai's main railway station. The building, built in 1878, does deserve a visit. The exterior and the interior are very impressive.

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